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    PVC Laminated Gypsum Ceiling

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    PVC Laminated Accoustic Gypsum Ceiling

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    Acoustic Plaster Board Ceiling

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    Metal Ceilings


    Ak Bulut Economic Society was the first in our beautiful country to start production in the hanging ceiling sector. Our Economic Society has the capacity to produce 4,000,000 square meters of hanging ceilings, 7,000 tons of zinc metal products per year i.e. T24 profiles, gypsum profiles, wall profiles, corner profiles and profile accessories.

    Ak Bulut Economic Society, which has made a worthy contribution to the development of our Motherland, has become a huge construction site thanks to the support and support of our esteemed President in the prosperous period of our sovereign state.

    Our Goal

    To date, our business community has successfully completed several projects. The main goal of our economic society is to produce products that replace foreign goods and to ensure the high quality, safety, and cleanliness of the products needed for people.